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Davis Islands, Tampa is a spectacular place to live. Technically an archipelago, Davis Islands offers breathtaking views, a famous yacht club, and easy commutes to downtown Tampa. The community has many upscale amenities and outstanding luxurious waterfront homes. 

Davis Islands is a community without many traffic lights and has unique streets named after various bodies of water. It is a laid-back, quiet, upscale locale with extensive real estate opportunities, recreation, and history. There are many reasons to think about when considering living in Davis Islands and that is exactly what we are sharing today. Keep reading to discover the various reasons to consider living in Davis Islands and why it is one of the best places to live in Florida!

1. The Sunshine


If you are wondering what it is like living in Davis Islands, then imagine warm sunshine beaming down most of the time. The temperature ranges from 54 degrees Fahrenheit, usually around January, all the way up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit at the height of summer. There are a number of great health benefits to living in a warm, sunshine-filled environment! When the weather is warm, people are more likely to get outside, get moving, and be active. It is a great place to enjoy all opportunities to cycle, walk, run, and participate in any other outdoor activity.

Additionally, with a location blessed with lots of sunshine, you are sure to get adequate Vitamin D, improve mental health and get a good night's rest. Once you live on Davis Island, you will see and feel the difference! The warmth is inviting and invigorating. Living in Davis Islands gives you first-hand access to the best weather. Whether you are an adventurer who enjoys snorkeling, surfing, and swimming, or would rather experience rest and relaxation, Davis Islands has the best weather to do either one.

Benefits of Living Somewhere Sunny:

  • Decreased stress hormone
  • Increased vitamin D
  • Overall healthy feeling
  • Naturally lifts mood

The Sunshine - Standing In The Sun

2. The Beach


Davis Islands offers a pristine beach area. The beach offers a dog park, sheltered picnic area, boat ramp, and more. Davis Islands beach is ideal for fishermen and beachcombers and relaxing in the sun. It is free, features gorgeous, soft sand, and is the best place to unwind and take in some sun. Furthermore, because the weather in Davis Islands is usually fantastic, every day is a perfect beach day!

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3. There is tons to do!


Imagine the excitement and fun and a large variety of things to do in and around Davis Island. No matter what kind of hobbies you have, Davis Islands has plenty to offer. Below are a few amazing things to do in and around Davis Island. 

Busch Gardens Tampa Theme Park - 10165 McKinley Drive. Tampa

Busch Gardens Tampa Theme Park is an exciting place to visit. It is an African-centered animal park with exhilarating roller coasters, thrilling rides, and unique shops. There is always something new at the theme park, so it is always a great thing to do when you are living in Davis Island.

Seaplane Basin Park

Seaplane Basin Park is a tranquil, calm park in Davis Island. It has a swimming-safe beach area, canoe, and boat launch, as well as a picnic area. Seaplane Basin Park is a great place to spend an afternoon.

Davis Islands Trail

Davis Islands Trail is a popular trail and it is paved and easily traveled. Additionally, the majority of the trail is six feet wide and includes benches to relax and beautiful sights that inspire.  

The Florida Aquarium - 701 Channelside Drive. Tampa

The Florida Aquarium is home to groundbreaking research, engaging exhibits, an outdoor theater, and an exciting splash pad. It is a fantastic venue with plenty of learning opportunities and is perfect for adults and children of all ages! The Florida Aquarium hosts frequent shows and often changes its exhibits to keep everything fresh.

Adventure Island - 10001 McKinley Drive. Tampa

Adventure Island is an exciting place to visit in Tampa. Visitors can enjoy private cabanas, a tiki bar, virtual reality snorkeling, a lazy river, and exciting water slides.

There Is Tons To Do - Waterpark

4. There are spectacular waterfront homes.


Imagine the most luxurious, beautiful homes and then put them on the water, and you have one of the best places to live in Florida. Living on the water gives the residents easy access to aquatic activities, beautiful scenery, and stunning views. In addition, waterfront property is a fairly safe investment as these homes appreciate in value. 

5. Davis Islands, Tampa, has excellent cuisine.


The food in Davis Islands, Tampa, is terrific. Regardless of what your favorite cuisine is or even if you have special food needs, there are many restaurants to choose from. Choose from traditional American favorites like steaks and homemade burgers or be adventurous and try something new like Thai or Mexican. The food scene is hot in Davis Islands, so if you're looking for a new cocktail stop, family favorite, or vegetarian-friendly restaurant, Davis Islands definitely has it. 

Fantastic Restaurants in Davis Islands, Tampa

Excellent Cuisine - Thai Food

6. Davis Island, Tampa, is pedestrian-friendly.


Davis Islands features a unique blend of residential and commercial properties laced together by sidewalks that weave throughout the entire community. In addition, Davis Islands is very pedestrian-friendly as residents can enjoy walking to the grocery store, shops, salons, and spas.

The community promotes active living, and quite frequently, you'll see scooters, bikes, skateboarders, and more. Davis Island, Tampa, does a terrific job at encouraging and promoting active transportation. This is beneficial in a variety of ways, including more people outdoors and generally less traffic. And because of the appealing weather in Davis Island, it is always a great time to get outdoors.

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7. The community is pet-friendly.


Dogs are important in Davis Island, Tampa. Residents can enjoy an off-leash dog park and dog beach when living in Davis Island. Dogs have a great time running through the water and digging in the sand and Davis Islands is a terrific community for dog-lovers!

8. There are excellent job opportunities.


It is easy to see how there is a plethora of employment opportunities in a variety of industries because of the proximity to downtown Tampa. Furthermore, residents can often walk or bike to work because of how easy it is to get around. 

Top Employers in Tampa

  • Fisher Investments
  • Cisco
  • General Dynamics
  • HDR

Excellent Job Opportunities - Working

9. Davis Island, Tampa, has something for everyone.


The community of Davis Island is very versatile. A vast array of real estate is available, excellent recreation, and terrific schools. Additionally, the beach, downtown Tampa, and a great dog park are all close.

Davis Island provides residents access to high-quality education, a peaceful and tranquil neighborhood, and a walk-friendly community. The sidewalks in the area are maintained, and the community is well taken care of. With plenty of things to do, employment opportunities, luxurious waterfront homes, and outstanding cuisine, it's easy to see how many love living in Davis Island, Tampa.


10. The Golf Courses


Living in Davis Islands gives you first-hand access to excellent golfing opportunities. There are approximately eighty golf courses within a reasonable distance of the community. Some feature nine holes and beginner-friendly holes, while others have been designed by world-class golf architects and use the natural flow of land to deliver an outstanding golf experience.

Terrific Golf Courses Near Davis Island, Tampa

The Golf Courses - Golf Course

Final Thoughts


There are many reasons to live in Davis Island, Tampa. It is an appealing community with luxurious waterfront homes, beautiful parks, fantastic schools, and excellent recreation. Many homes offer direct water access, making it simple to enjoy a variety of aquatic sports such as water skiing, jet skiing, and canoeing.

Davis Islands is a fit for all ages and it will appeal as it is close to convenient amenities, world-class golf courses, and fantastic dining. In addition, Davis Island, Tampa, is a walking-friendly place that encourages people to get outdoors to take advantage of the easy-access sidewalks, walking trails, and breathtaking views.

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